Bakers Dozen 2: Nightshade Version 1.1: A continuation of The Bakers Dozen Saga

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There is one ship out of all the attackers which can be seen only when you are close to It It is an ASP. Hit it, and it will unleash four missiles if badly damaged. Destroy it, and there will be a cargo cannister remaining. Yup, you've guessed it — a Cloaking Device — V to activate and deactivate. Have fun. Gavin Sneddon, The Outsider. So play the game and discover for yourself why there's never been a better time to own a Spectrum! Gold stockist write to CentreSoft, Unit The Parkway industrial Centre. Hill IHHJ. Boxing 5. Basketball 5. S Vectron S. H ditieren! U ,' ID to itm M. H til T.

H IB 4M Sftacay nB! No pftiMfeH. Id FAcravitK Qt. SO t2. TV Aaaa LHda l.? M 2m tl. Bonaolte C3. Vtwd Im CtS. His face lit in the reflected glow of his VDUj he sits hunched over the bewildering spaghetti of his customised terminal. His fingers glide across the keyboard, guided as if by instinct, and at his fingertips are the secrets of a nation Myth or reality?

Hero or villain? Let's take a look into this twilight world, and talk to some of its shadows. Many people — and particularly those who have no contact with micros or people who use diem — view hacking purely as a criminal activity, thinking that a hacker enters a computer's system only for personal gain.

Computer users, on the other hand, are more tolerant. A set of moral standards seems to have grown up around hacking, with those who indulge obeying certain unwritten rules.. Those include the understanding that one does not hack for personal gain, but merely for the excitement of getting into a system which isn't secure enough to keep you out, Another is the understanding that hacking shouldn't be malicious, and that hackers should not delete or change data.

These rules act as a gendeman's agreement between hackers whose image is far removed from that painted by the police. The law surrounding hacking is vague. Two men were arrested in March last year, in connection with the long-running problems at Prtsicl involving hackers, and charged with forgery. The use of the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act of 1 against the pair came as a shock 10 the hacking community, one of whom commented at the time; "Theft of electricity would have been a more appropriate charge.

In the USA, hackers have been charged with theft of computer time and trespass, but nothing like this. Since no ruling on hacking has yet reached the statute book, it is hard for hackers to know where they stand. What are they allowed to do? We asked Scotland Yard.

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Spokesman Nick Jordan says: "We have a problem with this sort of query as we have one man who is an expert in hacking and he has a list of queries the length of his arm. He is a detective inspector in the fraud squad and all queries go to him. The view of the police is that they consider hacking a crime rather "I don't feel there should be any law against ft. Hacking wouldn't exist if companies designed their equipment properly in the first place" Hero or outlaw?

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Wendie Pearson rips away the mask behind the modem than a prank, and if anyone was found to be indulging in it we would charge them with a criminal offence. We consider hacking very much a crime, as do many other people. We discourage it altogether. Not surprisingly, big businesses are going to war on hackers, and technology in the security field is moving fast in an attempt to keep up with hacking.

One device recently tested by the FBI is a fingerprint analysis system which reads your fingerprint before allowing you access to the system. Whether this would catch on in the UK is debatable, especially in view of the fuss which erupted when London Transport first introduced photographs on travel cards. It seems we are very fond of our anonymity. The wave of computer crime which has hit the States might influence the way in which we think of hacking over here. To many people, computer crime and hacking are two different things, while those not familiar with hacking assume that the two are synonymous.

Spokesman Mike , Abbot : "I'm not sure what the state of play is at present , but we have tightened up our system, since the Duke of Edinburgh's 1 mailbox was hacked into 18 months ago. One 23 year old ex -hacker, who used to work for British Telecom, says: "I don't feel there should be any law against it. You have to put two and two together to get into a system; It's like being a detective.

You just need 10 enjoy the challenge. You just get the phone number from a friend and ihen experimenl with names and password numbers. That said, there is still a proliferation of books about hacking including Tlie Hacker's Handbook in the mysterious Hugo Cornwall.

The law is lagging far behind the quick changes In teriinologj. Only time will tell — sLmd back and watch!

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This is your chance to enjoy one of the most thrilling sports around, riding those breakers like a king from the sea, defying the laws of gravity as your surfboard bucks and plunges beneath you, Surfchamp, from New Concepts, awarded a Sinclair User Classic in January, is a novel and accurate simulation of the sport. It uses a miniature model surfboard positioned over the keyboard to give you realistic control as your ride the waves on-screen. It features ail the manoeuvres used in real competition, including currents, wind and temperature, types of board and gear, as well as levels of skill.

It even takes into account your height and weight.

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New Concepts is offering a very special prize to the winner of our Surfchamp competition — a custom-built surfboard crafted by Cornwall's master board-maker, John Pellow. If you don't feel you're up to the rigours of the surf, John wifl make you a skateboard instead — but either way, the prize will be especially made to suit you. But that's not all! There are five second prizes of sweatshirts and ten third prizes of T shirts, specially made for New Concepts in Californian style.

All you have to do is answer the following simpte questions about surfing.

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Your entry must arrive by Friday, March 21, and the first correct entry pulled from the hat after that date will win the board. Employees of EMAParenot considered fit to surf and cannot enter.

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T What is the meaning of the term Riding the Soup': a going without meats in order to spend more time surfing: b surfing in the broken part of the wave: c surfing through an oil-slick; d boasting about your surf ing prowess? Instant back-up of any program? HH- llfl. MttiL- im.

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Sne lulriFprinloulMcj in. Do not pt to rescue. Being a bear nle brain Rambo will do exact ly the opposite as his alrousand kJller instil take over, One man against the might of the Vietnamese army, he wades in to free the PQWs single-handed Rambo is — surprise, surprise — based on the film and follows plot ol the movie as far as bible. You must be as quiet as possible to avoid alerting the Vietnamese patrols.

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Before making you r run up to the prison camp, which lies north of your start point, scout around to find some more weapons, Rambo can carry an arsenal with him to cater for every eventuality, including a rocket launcher which should only be used when In a opter, a machine gun — excellent for mowing down the enemy, and two arrows-- one equipped with an explosive warhead. Once the enemy patrols are onto you there is not m point trying to remain silent and I found the machine gun just the thing for mowing down two or three of the enemy in one spurt.

In the start area are many trees — natural ambush placements — a temple and some sort of monolith. The ilieance of these escapes me but they offer a place of refuge should the going get n hot. Once you have found the arrows make a run for the camp. You'll find running in a zigzag the best for avoiding enemy bullets. The Vietnamese can disappear into an area outside the border of the screen, so don't stand too close to that no man's land.