Christopher Columbus Day should not exist.

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The great pre-Columbian American empires sacrificed enemies captured in war and even their own children. Some ate the flesh of enemies to take their strength.

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Columbus aimed to introduce the value system that eradicated human sacrifice in Europe — Christianity. In fact, according to sociologist Robert Woodberry, the missionary spread of Christianity has promoted democratic values across the world.

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The Spanish School of Salamanca helped lay the framework for international law, and scholastics like Domingo de Soto argued that Native Americans had human rights equal to those of Europeans, and condemned their enslavement. These scholars condemned the Catholic monarchs for allowing such abuse and enslavement. Columbus aimed to extend Christianity to regions where it did not exist. Historian Carol Delaney also debunked claims that Columbus supported genocide.

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Interestingly, Columbus also adopted an indigenous child as his son. Columbus was far from perfect, but he was also not the villain oft portrayed today.

Native Americans Discuss Why To Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day Instead Of Columbus Day

Many wrongly demonize him as the scapegoat for the evils of European colonialism and slavery in the Americas. This simple view must be rejected. Much of the demonization of Columbus traces back to an anti-Catholic anti-Italian prejudice that led the Ku Klux Klan and other groups to demonize the Italian explorer.

The celebration of Columbus Day actually helped American diversity, integrating this Italian-American hero into America's pantheon and encouraging acceptance of Italian-Americans. The NCCA board member warned that "the disparagement of Columbus today has its roots in a centuries-old habit of painting Italian and Hispanic immigrants in this country as cruel, violent, sexually aggressive and untrustworthy.

In the context of Spanish exploration, this is known as the 'Black Legend' — based on propaganda peddled about Spain dating from the 16th century, which continues to be the grist for racially tinged comments about Hispanics and Italians to this day. Columbus Day helped Americans recognize Italian immigrants as their fellow Americans — with a noble heritage.

Columbus Day is not a symbol of oppression, but a symbol of American pluralism, the acceptance of a new influx of Americans from Columbus' native Italy. Just as the 13th Amendment corrected a historic American evil by abolishing slavery, so this holiday helped combat the anti-Italian prejudice behind a horrific lynching.

Columbus Day in the United States

So raise a glass of Prosecco and celebrate the Italian adventurer. Like Us. Follow Us. Follow PJMedia.

Indigenous people power

Roger L. Matt Margolis. Richard Fernandez.

Rick Moran. Victor Davis Hanson. Two years later, the United Nations declared Aug. In the next few years, resolutions across the country took flight in dozens of places. The event celebrates the "spirit of exploration, the struggles and triumphs of immigrants who helped build the United States, and the vibrant heritage and cultural wealth of the Italian-American community," according to the non-profit Columbus Citizens Foundation website. According to the Northwest Portage Walking Museum, which spearheaded the project, the serpent-shaped earthwork will be the first noted installation of an hybrid earthwork mound by an Indigenous artist in North America, since the founding of the United States.

Columbus Day: Celebrating cultural heritage, or the colonization of Native Americans? Christopher Columbus by the painter Ridolfo Ghirlandaio.

It used to be woke to celebrate Columbus Day

The image and story Christopher Columbus, the 15th Century navigator who began European incursions into the Americas, have changed in the U. Elsewhere in the country, Washington, D. Andrew Cuomo has stated that he views Columbus Day as honoring Italian Americans and both can be celebrated simultaneously. Mary Chao Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. The image and story Christopher Columbus, the 15th Century navigator who began European incursions into the Americas, have changed in the U.