Das Bild des Teufels im protestantischen England im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert (German Edition)

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This goes against the current view that the Transcendental Deduction is not a proof in the strict philosophical sense and the standard reading that the Deduction only gives an account of the global applicability of the categories. Vernunft wird weithin als Auszeichnung des Menschen verstanden. Wer ist damit gemeint? Rationality is largely understood as a distinctive human trait.

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Kant, Immanuel; Autonomie; Freiheit; Moralphilosophie. Monograph, German, 4th quarter Kant, Immanuel; Imperativ, kategorischer; Moralphilosophie. The greatest good is central to Kantian philosophy. Kant understands the greatest good — a world in which all people were both virtuous and happy — as the overarching goal of rational behavior.

This study undertakes a textual analysis of the transcendental dialectic in the Critique of Pure Reason by inquiring about the possibility of a regulative a priori in the framework of the Critique. It takes as its starting point the Appendix to the Transcendental Dialectic and its connections to the first and second books of the Transcendental Dialectic.

April Kasuistik; Gewissen; Probabilismus; Praktische Urteilskraft. Collection, German, French, 2nd quarter Immanuel Kant; critical philosophy; philosophy of the Enlightenment. Kant, Immanuel; Natur; Freiheit. Kant, Immanuel; freedom; nature. In addition, Pagel offers a new interpretative decoding of the manuscript of The German Ideology.

Except for Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint, it was primarily in lectures that Brentano formulated his ideas of a reformed philosophy guided by the methodological ideal of the natural sciences, embedded in a phase model of the history of philosophy. Along with these lectures, the volume includes various essays, newspaper articles, and reviews made available here for the first time since their original publication. De Gruyter Marx Forschung 1 Ca.

2016 Lecture 01 Maps of Meaning: Introduction and Overview

Obwohl Franz Brentano einer der einflussreichsten Philosophen an der Wende vom Gerechtigkeit; Globalisierung; Konservativismus;. Although Franz Brentano was one of the most influential turn-of-the-century philosophers, he, like Ludwig Wittgenstein, published little but left a large philosophical legacy.

The volume compiles shorter works by the political philosopher Edmund Burke that reflect both his liberal and conservative tendencies. They help to correct the one-sided image of Burke as an antiprogressive critic of the French Revolution, and clearly demonstrate the relevance of his arguments for the current debate on the relationship between political elites and the electorate, on global justice, and on the future of conservatism.

Justice; globalization; politics; conservatism. Sozialstaat; Freiheit; Jungegelianer. Young Hegelians; social and constitutional question; social freedom; social democracy. Hegel-Jahrbuch Sonderband 12 S. Hegel, G.

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The volume focuses on the relationship between historiography and the philosophy of history. Die Studie zeichnet die intellektuelle Auseinandersetzung von G. Durch eine systematisch-historische Untersuchung stellt Strauss die Ambivalenz heraus, die Hegels Philonbild auszeichnet. Gleichzeitig sieht er in Philons Denken eine Vorform des Neuplatonismus. This study traces the intellectual encounter between G.

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Christianity; Hegel, Judaism; Philon. Schleiermacher hat diesen Vorlesungen sein Lehrbuch Kurze Darstellung des theologischen Studiums zugrunde gelegt, das , in zweiter Auflage erschienen ist. They formed the basis for his textbook A Brief Account of Theological Studies, published in and then in a second edition in For the first time, this book makes available lecture transcripts about both editions of the Brief Account. Theological Encyclopedia; modern history of theology; philosophy of science; Schleiermacher. Die vorliegende Edition erscheint als Friedrich Schleiermacher; Psychologie; Seele; Bewusstsein.

This book is published as the 13th volume of the lecture section within the critical edition of the complete works of Schleiermacher. In addition, it provides a historical introduction and an editorial report. Leben Jesu; Neues Testament; Exegese. The large audience suggests that this was one of his most successful lectures.

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Part II contains manuscripts of the Lecture on the History of the Passion and Resurrection and a transcript of this course. Yearbook, German, English, 2nd quarter The intellectual discourse at the end of the 18th century is characterized by two antagonistic movements, the critical divisiveness of transcendental idealism, and the aesthetic integrativeness of literary classicism. The latent antagonism of these two discourses fuels developments throughout the 19th into the 20th century. The book investigates how the interface of philosophy and literature of Goethezeit generates creative potential for both.

The classic work on German idealism is now presented in the translation by Hans-Dieter Gondek. Sieben Texte werden hier erstmals ediert. Publizistik; Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich. Seven texts have been edited here for the first time. Their work for the New American Cyclopedia includes biographical entries and articles on the military and a variety of other topics.

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  6. Marx; Engels; journalism. Friedrich Engels; Karl Marx; political economy. Damit bietet sie tiefe Einblicke sowohl in die Arbeitsweise von Marx und Engels als auch in die Entwicklung ihres terminologischen und theoretischen Rahmens. This volume makes accessible in chronological order key excerpts from the manuscripts that comprise The German Ideology. It provides major insights on the working methods of Marx and Engels and the development of their terminological and theoretical frameworks.

    The texts are drawn from the historical-critical complete edition of the works of Marx and Engels, supplemented with text variants and facsimiles of individual manuscripts. XXIX, Seiten.

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    Beigegebene Manuskriptseiten im Faksimile-Druck zeigen die intensive gemeinsame Arbeit von Marx und Engels, ebenso aber auch den Entwurfscharakter und den schlechten Erhaltungszustand vieler Manuskripte. XI, 1. The novel approach does not only contribute to scholarship on Nietzsche; it also raises challenging questions for the interdisciplinary discourse on secularization.

    If there are moods intimately related to specific religions, are there also moods specific to forms of atheist experience? Asceticism; free will; the individual; subjectivity. Nietzsche; Spinoza; Selbsterhaltung; Conatus.

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    Nietzsche; Spinoza; Power, Conatus. Jahrhunderts, die der sogenannten Konservativen Revolution zugerechnet werden. Konservative Revolution; Nietzsche, Friedrich. For this reason, it is difficult to locate consistent philosophical positions in his work. Nietzsche; Literature; Literariness. Die Reformation von wird oft genug monumentalisch als Auftakt der Moderne erinnert.