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So, it is better that you inform your real estate agent well in advance to help you with the search. Equip Your Facility-: After leasing your ideal facility, the next thing to do is to equip the facility with the necessary gadgets. You would have to lay a synthetic pitch, chairs for your spectators, changing room, first aid stand, fire alarm system, multimedia equipment, public address system, commentary box, et al. Buy the Required Insurance.

Starting an Indoor Soccer Facility – Sample Business Plan Template

You would need liability insurance for your indoor soccer facility, and you need to also discuss with you insurance broker to advise you on other insurance policies that you would need. Hence, when drawing up a budget for your indoor soccer facility business, ensure that you include the money required to purchase insurance cover and to pay the premiums as at when due.

Employ Staffs. Your budget for starting your indoor soccer facility business should include the salaries for key staffs that will help you run the business. It is important to make provision for training and re — training your staffs if you want them to perform maximally. Right from the onset, you should be able to develop a good strategy to market your indoor soccer facility. Part of what you need to do to promote your indoor soccer facility is to organize soccer event in your community for teenagers and then invite stake holders in the community to partner with you or to be your guest.

You can market your indoor soccer facility to schools, soccer teams, and private organization that would want to organize soccer events. It will pay you to ensure that you advertise your indoor soccer facility in the yellow pages in your community; you can as well print and distribute handbills and posters in areas where you can access your target market. The face of the sport in the country is changing. Although the great signs of progress shown towards following the sport and its viewership,the real scenario bears another picture.

The sport in the country is pervaded with red tapism,bureaucracy and corruption.

How to Complete A Sports Facility Business Plan in Three Steps

There is lack of large investments and presence of poorinfrastructure which are hampering the growth of the sport with in the country. There is largeroom for change at all levels. Through Happy feet football academy we bring world class training facilities to the countryand are proud to be the pioneers in the services we offer. In thisbusiness plan we outline the framework of how we attempt to achieve our vision and futureplans for the business and the growth of the sport. We start with elaborating on the company profile and the products we offer.

We plan to bringin international coaches, players and conduct international tours to give our students acompletely experience of how the sport is administered in Europe. Through this we aim togive them the opportunity to pursue their passions as a career. Next we highlight the extensive market research and environmental scan that we haveconducted which is brought about in our marketing plan.

We highlight who are target marketis and our market entry strategy by capturing the international schools which is as yetuntapped. After this we look into the daily operations of the academy and the organisational structure. We go on to highlight the work culture that we plan to adopt. Our team comprises of veryesteem coaches procured from the Uk and India respectively to provide students at the grassroot level to master the game.

Finally we discuss the financials of the firm and how we plan to make it a profitableorganisation by giving a detailed break up of our expenses, profits and the projected sales thatwe aim to achieve. IntroductionObjectivesHappy feet through its efforts intend to change the way India perceives the king of all sports.

Weplan to achieve this to start by tying up with international schools in Maharashtra.

Business Plan

At happy feet westrive to instil football passion into young hopefuls. This will be achieved through professionalfootball training and building a sound youth system where youngsters progress from one level toanother. Efforts will be directed towards offering international exposure through various sportstours and events. Mission StatementOur mission is to nurture the physical, mental and emotional growth of the youth through the sportof football at the grass root level. VisionHappy feet is envisaged to have the following attributes: World class infrastructure and facilities in terms of training ground, equipment, training techniques, modules etc.

Be a breeding ground for world class talent Establish a sound youth system Contribute not only to the development of football but also good human beingsValue to customersHappy feet will bring to Indian soil quality of football training for the youth in par with Europeanfootball academies. This initiative will bring international exposure to the country which lacks basicinfrastructure in the sport.

We also aim to provide value by furnishing these services at affordableprices. Company SummaryHappy feet football academy is an initiative started by three friends with the vehemence to give backto society the one thing they are passionate about the most, football. The retail format of which willbe set by adhering with International schools and providing world class football training to theirstudents from grass root level. Happy feet is the first of kind football academy in the countryproviding high quality training at affordable prices. Company ownership:The ownership of the company will belong to three people: Sami Savanur, AvinashMalani and NikhilPunjabi with each sharing profits and losses equally.

The business will be registered as a partnershipand the above mentioned people would be involved in the management of the company as well. Sami Savanur would be actively involved with on ground activities, AvinashMalani would look aftermarketing and business development and Nikhil Punjabi would be looking after the accounts andoperations.

Company locations:The company office will be located in the city of Pune and operations will be carried out at theinternational schools in Mumbai and Pune respectively. In the third year we plan to set up anotheroffice in Mumbai. ProductProduct description - Our product is to offer world class football facilities with training and coachingat residential camps set up at various international schools by tying up with them initially in thecities of Mumbai and Pune.

These would be specialized long duration camps unlike most of theacademies that offer short term clinics. The ball used is an important factor, due to its small size and heavy weight;it restricts players from playing long, aerial passes and encourages constant circulation and recyclingof the ball braziliansoccerschols, Competitor AnalysisCompetition does exist in the arena of sports training and coaching. As our plans are to start up inthe cities of Mumbai and Pune, we have considered the direct competitors to us in these particularcities.

This academy is inthe start-up stage but has plans to open similar schools across the nation targeting children in theage group 5 to 18 years. This academy would be delivering a series of short term skill developmentprograms in the Manchester United way. Without underestimating their threat as a competitor, webelieve that our academy will focus more on the development of football as a sport as compared tothe many others who would concentrate more on building their brand image. For the city of Pune as well, we have looked at two potential competitors. Soccernova is an academythat has an alliance with the Brazilian Soccer Schools and their coaching standards.

Theirprofessional football training progresses from one level to another. Threats and solutionsEntry of international soccer clubs — With clubs like Liverpool and Barcelona planned to enter themarket in they possess a threat to eat up market share. Hence we plan to capture the nichemarket of international schools and get established within the market. International schools rejecting tie ups — In case of this situation which is less likely. We will modifyour business model by setting up our own independent facilities and residential camps wheretrainings would be conducted and open to the general publicSports injuries — Injury in sports is a certainty but the way they are treated and not neglected is whatmatters thoroughly.

Hence we have professional Physiotherapists on ground all the timeSummer holidays creating lack of business — The month long holiday when students are away wouldbe utilised to conduct soccer camps and open to all students. Football also attracts the second highest sports sponsorship in India after cricket. Focusing on the state of Maharashtra where we plan to start operation the prospects of growthseem commendable.

In all there are schools which are playing football and there are 25million kids between the age group of 6 — The Western Indian Football Association has enteredinto a strategic partnership with Sporting Ace Private Limited and come up with an ambitious plan todevelop football in the state. The partnership will see an infusion of Rs crores and plan togenerate All India Football Federation trained coaches in the next three years. A major step toward this is taken by the government approving AllIndia Football Federations bid to host the under — 17 football world cup Goal, Thegovernment will support all efforts that envisage the hosting and staging of the world cup byproviding world class infrastructure and six top class venues.

The government will also guarantee 7. With the world cup beingstaged in the country, it will stir a revolution of fan following and we at Happy Feet can work towardproviding the country with talent to achieve this feat.

The Indian football system is tainted with corruption and inefficiencies. This exists at all levelsstarting from the district level of competition to the national level where there is bribery in a majorsense. Two years ago the hockey federation of India was stripped off by the Indian Olympicassociation after the government found out about widespread corruption and bribery. The mostcelebrated event of Indian sport, The Indian Premier League has been rubbed in with a tremendousamount of allegations and kickbacks and bud rigging during the awarding of franchises Ambers, The Indian football league clubs spend collectively USD 30 million approx.

It is the tenth largesteconomy in the world by nominal GDP.

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These factors provide a potentially profitable environment to invest in. The countries growing technically skilled workforcedraws international players to locate facilities there.

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Inflation and employment rates which arerelatively high remain major challenges for the Indian economy. A major deterrent for the growth of any other sport in the country is the pro cricket mind-set thatthe country possesses.