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Like the sonnets, these haikus are all caudal. Ifa is a prolific writer, a Yogi, a high priest of Ogunden, and interested in meditation and martial arts. He read political science at first degree level and political philosophy at second. Agharowu E E Honsbira holds a bachelors degree in religion. His additional knowledge from his Masters degree engagement in same a study made mostly of deep thinking and writing, relating his mind to Gods to produce theories to no end perhaps explains why a man could write these thousand haikus in ten days! Honsbira hails from Deghele in Nigeria.

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Quick view Add to Cart. Quick view Choose Options. Units in enemy territory are ordered to dig in and buy time for people to evacuate the cities affected. Additional German troops are deployed to help out our French and Polish Allies. All important industries are turned over to government control and begin to turn out war supplies.

Our scientists begin to study everything about the enemy hoping to find a weakness.

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The French ruins are also studied for any helpful information. The First real interception of alien broadcasts reveals nothing as the intelligible language chatters on taking over many radio frequencies wherever the aliens land. The Aliens seemingly understanding of the Surrender of the Philippines begins a clear cut occupation but down and dissenters with ruthless efficiency. From this base many of the Alien forces begin to spread out hitting Taiwan in China as it was ignored in the first strike, as well as pushing onto Borneo and into Indonessias smaller islands.

Gaia's mission: solving the celestial puzzle

India bitterly clings to life as the initial strikes took up much of its peacetime war making capability but does manage to retain its capital and most of Southern India while suffering painful losses in Bengal and Pakistan. The Invasion of Europe and North Africa continues underway with many coastal portions of the continent occupied and severe gain made into splitting Germany and France from each other as the drive from the Netherlands south has hit many military units hard.

While there were attempts to co-ordinate attacks, many commanders simply don't show up to the planned offensives or more notably, a Germany Unit attempting to save a trapped polish force simply found the entire Polish force dead to the last man. Estimated Casualties put Europe at one of the hardest hit with nearly eight million dead in the first six months, particularly in the Balkans and along the Franco-German border.

In North America, The United States faces grave casualties as the force sent to Liberate northern Mexico suffers nearly , casualties and has drawn the attention of that particular invasion force bringing the aliens on the doorstep of Dallas and San Antonio within weeks of the US Defeats in northern Mexico. Mexico manages to hold onto Mexico city as it defiantly throws thousands of men at Veracruz to open up a sea lane.

However, a small corridor of military forces ise able to keep a line upen to the Federation in Panama. The US carrier group attacking the Invasion forces in New York suffers atrocious casualties once its realized the ships are combat capable but does manage to inflict some serious damage on the Aliens air power in the area allowing the US to hold onto New York. California's major cities begin to fall to the Invaders but the US forces remain resilient in the mountains raining down artillery on the advancing invaders.

In South America, valiant defences along the Andes burn out quite a bit of the Aliens manpower and equipment but what are now called "Soldier Exoskelitons" or War Mechs begin to show their superiority against Federation forces bringing the fight to the main stronghold of Santiago. Colombia remains under control of the Invaders but Venezuela remains under General Almagros control managing to keep oil supplies flowing to the Federation's military forces.

Huge Swaths of Africa are taken in short order but upon reaching the Ethiopian border, a vicious counterattack catches many of the Invaders off guard bringing Ethiopian forces into conflict with the invaders halfway across the continent. The Invasion force in South Africa suffer casualties as well as bad judgment in landing forces on the South African front as well as many more troops and much more equipment than expected makes advances inland hard to achieve.

Seeing the dire situation, the Austrian, Swiss and Hungarian governments all join in the united defense of Europe with the Swiss and Austrians agreeing to open up their Alpine territories to militarization. Just hours after announcing their joining of Europes defense Hungary is hit by troops coming out of Yugoslavia which has suffered tremendous casualties and has devolved into scattered army units attempting to fight for survival.

In Western Europe, Spain sees dominating losses along its Medditerrenean coast as nearly ther entire Catalan coast and the coastal islands are seized. France manages to recover some territory in the north particularly around its industrial centers and resource centers as well as some minor gains on the Rhine. However, the offensives are not expected to hold and many advisors speak up about moving as much industry as possible.

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Radio broadcasts in the Netherlands report of mass killings occuring and a refugee crisis begins to unfold as hundreds of thousands of Netherlander citizens attempt to flee to Germany and France. In Eastern Europe Poland begins to come overrun as its army units are unable to put up an effective defense. Warsaw in particular is surrounded as Alien forces shell the city relentlessly.

The only word coming from the Invaders is spoken in perfect clear Polish "Surrender or Die". The USSR on the other hand with the loss of Sevastapol realizes the grave threat coming at it, and re-organizing much of its armed forces around a flexible eastern Defense and a massive assault on the Invaders around the Ukraine and Crimea with nearly 2.

Kabinda - Peace Supernovae

In Asia, Japan suffers the loss of nearly the entire northern half of the Islands and Tokyo is put under extreme siege as the Alien forces begin a massive assault on the remainder of Free Japan. The Chinese continue to suffer extreme losses as well with an attempt to link up with Korean forces ending in disaster with Korea becoming an occupied state of the Invaders.

China begins mobilizing nearly five million men in order to fight the invasion using whatever means necessary. India fares no better as it Loses New Delhi and the entire North India front collapses sending millions of refugees south. Indochina sees massive overrunning as well. Oceania sees some of its more concentrated attacks as alien forces land in Sumatra and Java only to face battle hardened and determined Indonesian soldiers fresh off the Indonesian civil war.

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  • Their usage of top tier Federation equipment and naval forces prove a tough force to break as the intitial attack on Jakarta leave the aliens surprised by the tenacity and viciousness of the defense in the face of overwhelming casualties. Australia sees the first invasions in Darwin which is overrun in less than an hour.

    The Commonwealth begins defensive operations in an attempt to prevent further advances but faces a massive invasion force. In the Americas, contact between the Federation, Mexico, and the United states manages to keep each nation updated on their struggles. The Nuclear attacks on Texas, Northern Mexico, and Rio stall out the invaders and the mass mobilizations of the three Great Powers brings great difficulty to the Aliens as they face off against numbers greater than or equal to their own. Their dismissivness of Naval units begins to wear off as their effectiveness against them begins to shift in regards to destroying ships whenever found.

    In Africa much of the continent is secured with the West African Federation and multiple French Union states falling south of the Sahara leaving only Angola, South Africa and Ethiopia free from alien control. North Africa sees a total stall out of alien offensive as a mass use of Nukes in North Africa surprises them heavily. The Middle East becomes the first to encounter the Invaders true invasion ships, large warships that land and disgourge thousands upon thousands of troops bringing an army of nearly one million to Yemen alone forcing the Arab states to face a vastly superior enemy with the potential to deploy millions of troops.

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    • Information ganed from a successful Federation attack in South Africa leads many analysts to beleive that upward of 25 million alien troops could be geared toward this invasion with the majority to land in areas of their central control which experts are yet to be able to determine.

      Bulgaria: We force alien forces out of Sofia. We strike north and south, trying to link with Turkey and Romania. Mobilization of many of the Worlds Great powers has managed to stall some of the smaller and moderately sized invasion forces across the world. The Global casualty rate is pushing nearly 30 million and growing exponentially as fallout, famine, and further conflict continue to hurt populations across the world. The Landings in Europe are consolidated as Alien forces take control of the majority of Eastern Europe as well as maintaining large defensive areas in Normandy, Catalonia site of a newer landing Hamburg as well as further expansion of controlled territory taking over most of Turkey and Hungary with the Invasion of Romania beginning.

      French forces are given a reprieve from fighting to assess the damage as mass amounts of infrastructure and multiple cities across the continent have been devastated. In Britain the UK is forced to fight alone as a large scale alien overwatch of aircraft as well as the loss of Scotland and landings of alien ships there bring the British to face a full brunt of a landing on their own near the Scottish Border.

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      The forces in mainland Europe begin re-organizing to adapt to the massive casualties incurred. The French and German militaries to date have suffered the worst casualties with the French having nearly half a million casualties and the Germans with nearly , Data gained from the Alien loss in South Africa puts the total landing forces in Western Europe at nearly seven million with a good majority focused on breaking the French and German forces albeit unsuccessfully at this point.

      The Allied forces attempting to retake Southern Italy make minor gains but are stopped dead cold as the superior alien forces make impresive shows of Strategic skill surrounding and killing 50, troops and bringing pinpoint artillery and superior air power prevents the offensive from gaining much more ground also giving the Aliens opportunities for further offensives into Italy.

      The Italians also suffer another , casualties as a tactical nuke is dropped on forces near Milan. Paris is lost after a brutal street by street fight culiminating in the death of every soldiers to the last man. In the Final moments the aliens commit massive destruction to the city scouring the final forces from the central portion of the city. In the Americas, the US retakes New York and good amounts of the East coast but fails to retake Florida, and suffers the loss of much of east coast north of New York as the landing ships touch down.

      In the West Cost the US is able to cause massive damage on the landing forces with the nuclear weapon only to suffer nearly , military losses and more than two million civilian losses as three of the invaders tactical nuclear weapons detonate over troop concentrations. The Mexican military links up with Federation Units in Panama and begins to establish a defensive line in Southern Mexico attempting to give a springboard to retake the recently lost Mexico City.

      The Federation suffers nearly , casualties as well as in response to the nukings in Rio two Tactical nuclear devices are detonated over the Federation center of advance pushing into Northern Brazil stalling the offensive and opening a large gap in the Federation army. In Colombia the Aliens are not so lucky as a large aerial battle takes place in Bogota leading to the capital ship in Bogota being taken out by massed fire from missiles, AA and cruise missiles.

      Kabinda - Peace Supernovae

      Other ships are destroyed but the aliens begin to pull back to the Coast establishing heavily fortified positions along the Colombian coast. In Asia the Japanese islands are almost totally conquered as the surprised nation was unable to resist in its entirety. However, significant guerrilla fighters take up resident in Japan and cause major damage to the now occupying forces.

      The Chinese in response to the landings in China launch the Spring offensive which with some technological gains for the Chinese as well as massive overwhelming the numbers the Chinese make serious pushes north seizing many strategic objectives but losing nearly , troops in the Process. The Indians stabilize their battle lines and hold onto Southern India and begin building a large defensive line to prevent further offensives.

      Indochina sees serious resistance fighter movements springing up as the Invaders begins exploiting resources in the Area. The Philippino puppet government is allowed to fight alongside alien forces as they begin to show promise in helping co-opt and rule territory with Taiwan, and Borneo being turned over to their control.

      In Oceania Australia begins losing massive amounts of territory mostly Desert as the Aliens look to cut the continent in half. The Indonesians on the other hand reveal their development and success of a nuclear weapon using it on an Invader ship crossing the ocean to hit Jakarta destrying the Ship and multiple auxiliaries. The combined efforts of scientists and Linguists begin deciphering the Alien language with basic vocabulary beginning to show up in translation efforts. The widescale use of augmentation in the Aliens soldiers disgusts many scientists who consider such unethical.

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      A Surprise Invasion of Egypt takes much of the Egpytian military off guard as hundreds of thousands die in quick succession to the invasion. The Invasion force immediately turns west and begins to overrun libya coming in sight of the Tunisian border in just a few short weeks. The French suffer atrocious casualties holding them at the border of Tunisia but the forces are stopped nonetheless leaving nearly , dead and the French forces in Tunis a shell of its former self.

      East Africa sees further advances of the aliens taking much of the eastern part of the continent but meeting a well armed ethiopian force in Kenya. In Europe, the Invaders turns their attention toward breaking the French armies and launch a massive assault with nearly 1. The same issue comes about in Germany with a major offensive occuring to Take Berlin. Eastern Europe comes under the solidified occupation of the Invaders who begins to consolidate their hold. The Total Alien strength in Western Europe is put at a solid seven million with air superiority being close to their potential achievement.