Lyme Disease Solution Secrets: Prevent and Eliminate Lyme Disease With Diet and Natural Treatment

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My recent interviews show that even now, years after our ordeal and with Lyme cases increasing, patients still face obstacles in getting diagnosed. Based on my book and film research, I believe that the root cause of the Lyme misdiagnosis problem is the persistent mythology that the disease is overdiagnosed and that the testing is accurate.

7 Strategies to Tackle Lyme Disease

In , there were almost 60, cases of tick-borne diseases reported to the CDC. As we found out the hard way, ticks spread many other diseases, many of them deadly, and the symptoms of mixed tick-borne diseases — Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, and Lyme disease, to name a few — are not well documented in the medical literature. Spotted fever can send people into a coma within 14 days. Babesiosis, a red blood cell infection, can be fatal for people with damaged or missing spleens. If Lyme disease is not treated promptly, it can lead to life-threatening cardiac manifestations and chronic neurological problems.

Few physicians realize that the recommended two-tiered Lyme disease testing protocol is outdated and inaccurate. After his germ load was lowered by a short course of antibiotics, he tested antibody-positive for both of his tick-borne diseases.

A better approach to testing would be to screen blood for specific DNA markers of several tick-borne diseases in one run, but it will take time for these tests to move from the research labs to clinical use. People ask me what they should do to avoid what my husband and I went through. I tell them that prevention should always be a top priority: pulling socks up over pant legs, spraying repellent on clothing, and doing daily tick checks.

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Still, sometimes ticks, with skills honed over million years of evolution, slip past those defenses. Ticks are sewers of infection that can transmit multiple species of disease-carrying organisms into your bloodstream in a matter of hours though your chances of getting Lyme disease are low if a tick is attached to you for 36 hours or less, according to the CDC. Once a tick taps into a blood vessel, it releases chemicals that suppress the immune system for a week or more, giving the germs a dangerous head start. So if you suspect you may have acquired a tick-borne disease, your number one goal should be to start treatment as soon as possible.

If you capture the tick that bit you, send it to a lab that will analyze it for its microbial hitchhikers. Ask your doctor if you can start taking antibiotics while you wait for results. If you have a rash, take a picture of it next to a ruler so you can see if it expands over time, a sign that you have Lyme disease. Know that the testing on the tick is not foolproof — both positive and negative results can be misleading — so keep an eye out for symptoms no matter what the results are. Find a doctor experienced in treating tick-borne diseases.

The best way to find physicians trained in treating complex tick-borne diseases is to contact the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society , a nonprofit organization that can send you a list of practitioners in your area. Find an expert who knows which drugs are most effective for each of the tick co-infections and in what order to treat them.

Lyme Disease

As I was writing this story, I showed the beach photo to my husband and asked him what he thought of the couple in it, us, 17 years ago. Here I offer up my personal story as a burnt offering, a cautionary tale, in the hopes that others might avoid the mistakes we made. The reasons behind the misinformation associated with tick-borne diseases are multifaceted and complex. With no accurate diagnostics on the market, Lyme patients are often misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, or irritable bowel syndrome.

So for pharma companies, the real money is in treating the daily symptoms of chronic Lyme disease — pain, depression, and inflammation — with lucrative blockbuster drugs.

A 5-Part Plan to Fight the Inflammatory Auto-Immune Response and Beat Lyme Disease

For years, Straub struggled off and on with crushing fatigue and immune problems. She forged on with her studies. Dedicated to physical fitness, she started writing a book about weight training. But in late , she could no longer push through her exhaustion. Headlines and summaries of the latest Science News articles, delivered Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Lyme Disease Treatment Options, Causes, How to Prevent - Dr. Axe

By January , she could hardly get out of bed and had to move back in with her parents. She describes a merry-go-round of physicians offering varying explanations: chronic fatigue syndrome, mononucleosis. She never got a definitive diagnosis, but a rheumatologist with expertise in immunology finally prescribed powerful antibiotics. Almost immediately, Straub broke out in chills and other flulike symptoms, and her blood pressure plummeted, problems that sometimes arise when pathogens begin a massive die-off inside the body. She began to feel better, but slowly. Over the next four years, she could barely leave her house.

Patient advocates point to people who agonize for years, drifting from doctor to doctor in search of relief. Desperate patients sometimes turn to solutions that may pose their own risks. The U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently described people who had developed serious complications, or even died, after unproven treatments for Lyme disease. Many, if not most, of these problems are caused by the lack of a reliable test for the infection. The test relies on finding markers that show the immune system is actively engaged. For some people, it takes up to six weeks for those signs to reach detectable levels. To find better ways to diagnose the disease more reliably and maybe sooner, scientists are trying to identify genetic changes that occur in the body even before the immune system rallies.

Other researchers are measuring immune responses that may prove more accurate than existing tests. The science has advanced enough, according to a review in the March 15 Clinical Infectious Diseases , that within the next few years, tests may finally be able to measure infections directly. Enough approaches are in various stages of research that some patient advocates have renewed optimism that the problems with testing may finally become a thing of the past. But about 20 to 30 percent of infected people never experience any kind of rash, and many of those who do simply never notice it.

About 30, infections are reported annually in the United States, but public health experts estimate that the true number is 10 times as high. Once in the skin, the corkscrew-shaped bacteria travel into the bloodstream and then migrate into joints and connective tissues, sometimes reaching the heart and nervous system. The problem is that treatment with antibiotics is most successful when the infection is in its earliest stages — the exact time when the standard diagnostic test is least reliable. Doctors have an easier time diagnosing other infections using a technique called polymerase chain reaction.

The standard test has two steps. The first looks for antibodies that respond to Lyme-causing bacteria. The second, called a Western blot, validates the diagnosis by confirming the presence of other antibody proteins that are more specific for Lyme. The two steps are used together to reduce the odds of a false-positive test.

Because antibiotics are most effective when given early, doctors in Lyme-heavy areas commonly give antibiotics to anyone who has been exposed to ticks and has infection symptoms, such as headache, fever and muscle and joint aches. And sometimes doctors face dilemmas because results are ambiguous, says Charles Chiu, an infectious disease physician and microbiologist at the University of California, San Francisco.

Take this scenario: By definition, a positive test for someone symptomatic for less than a month must detect at least two of three proteins for a particular type of antibody. Those proteins, and the time cutoff, were chosen during a meeting 25 years ago. By then blue area shown , the bacteria may have already moved into other parts of the body. W ith an illness that is so difficult to diagnose, and equally hard to treat even if there is a definite diagnosis, it is hardly surprising that so many patients take matters into their own hands — and that so many ultimately waste their money.

M any diets have been publicised that help inflammatory disorders and Lyme disease. Turmeric especially is often recommended. I tried the raw diet for about 12 months, as written about by Dr Jean Seignalet, I tried the no-gluten, no-lactose diet for a good six months. I consumed large doses of turmeric and even grew my own!

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My weight dropped to less than 8st, but I was hopelessly stiff, tired and weak. Before I was ill, I could lift a sheep. Now I could not even pick up my small Jack Russell terrier. G ardening was difficult, but my raised beds and robotic mower were — and still are — a huge help. My local tree surgeon helped, too, by taking on a lot of hedge cutting for me. Tree surgeons are much freer in the summer, they have all the kit and make light work of cutting pleached trees, hedges and strimming meadows.

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  • Through most of the past five years, I have tried to exercise regularly in the gym using the cross trainer, rowing machine and exercise bike. With severe stiffness, my balance seemed to suffer and I wanted to keep up my core strength. Exercise always makes me feel better mentally, too.

    New Lyme Disease Scan Technique Reveals Brain Inflammation with Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome

    Walking or gardening were difficult for more than about an hour at a time. More than that and my knees were acutely painful. The problem is that if the disease is undetected for a long period, it can trigger other autoimmune diseases or immune system problems. For example, there are various arthritic diseases that can be triggered by Lyme, among other infections. There are undoubtedly many affected by Lyme who are wrongly diagnosed with fibromyalgia, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome and more.