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By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the PopCulture. Could there possibly be time for romance on Mayans M. Despite all the twists and turns currently happening on the show, the FX hit motorcycle drama series showed a main character possibly getting ready to move on from a big torch they've been carrying, and fans are loving the possibility.

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In the midst of the Mayans' latest surprise casualty, and the drama between the Reyes and Galindo families, fans were overjoyed to see EZ JD Pardo possibly getting close to moving on with a new love interest. Spoilers ahead for Mayans M.

‘Mayans M.C.’ Season Two, Episode Eight Recap: “Kukulkan”

Season 2, Episode 9: "Itzam-Ye". Tuesday's episode revolved around the aftermath of the Mayans getting attacked by the Vatos Malditos club, as well as the Reyes brothers taking more steps toward the truth behind the death of their mother, Marisol.

The action saw the return of Coco's daughter Leticia Emily Tosta , and her friend who piqued EZ's interesting the past. After a meeting between the Mayans club members ended with Coco Richard Cabral walking away thinking the club might not seek revenge for his and Riz's Antonio Jaramillo injuries, Leti enters the room and sees how bad her father was injured. When she is leaving the shop shop, she invited EZ to go with them to get some food at her friend Gaby's new job.

She comments about how Gaby has been asking about him since the time they met, and EZ also seems to be interested in seeing the woman again. Later in the episode, viewers catch up with EZ as he stopped by Gaby's job at a food truck.

Pictures - Mayans M.C.

They pair share a flirty conversation while she works. After getting an update on her family, EZ asks Gaby out. She says yes, after joking about being too busy, promising the pair will continue to explore their connection soon.

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So one of historians' biggest questions about the Maya civilization is how they managed to feed their huge populations. It has long been suspected that the Maya relied heavily on agriculture. In the s, researchers began characterizing the remains of elaborate irrigation canals found in wetland areas.

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  • But it has not been clear how widespread these canals were or whether the use of wetlands for farming was an important part of the Maya agricultural system. At the GSA meeting, Beach presented the results of two decades' work aimed at answering these questions 1 , 2. During that time, he and his wife, Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach, a physical geographer specializing in water quality from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, and their colleagues, have performed more than 60 excavations to study and map the different earth layers, or strata, in field sites in northern Belize.

    Working in low-lying wetlands, which are difficult to access and navigate, the team dug trenches some 3 metres deep and 10—20 metres long to study soil and water chemistry. They performed carbon-isotope analyses on soil layers and studied fossilized plant materials to work out how the land was used.

    ‘Mayans M.C.’ Season Two, Episode Eight Recap: “Kukulkan”

    The soil layers revealed signs of rising water tables and the remnants of flood deposits. Fossilized plant remains at these sites show that the Maya were growing crops such as avocados, grass species and maize. Their research suggests that the Maya built canals between wetlands to divert water and create new farmland, says Beach. As the Maya mucked out the ditches, they would have tossed the soil onto the adjacent land, creating elevated fields which would kept the root systems of their crops above the waterlogged soil, while allowing access to the irrigation water.

    Beach says that surveys carried out using Google Earth and remote sensing techniques suggest that this wetland system was probably around kilometres across. But the new work is "very suggestive that the Maya were modifying these swamps intensively to make a living", says Vernon Scarborough, an anthropological archaeologist at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, who was not involved with the research.

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    But it's certainly intriguing. Stephen Houston, an expert on Maya civilization at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, who recently began collaborating with Beach, says that because so much archaeological work on the Maya civilization has focused on its architecture and written records, relatively little attention has been given to understanding its agriculture. Beach's arduous excavations have filled "a crucial gap", he adds.