Mindclone: When youre a brain without a body, can you still be called human?

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Why Can't We Transplant Brains?

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I did say that, didn't I? He looked down and found he was floating off the ground, looking back at her he found her horn glowing "oh…. Jacob groaned as he woke up, his head was pounding, he weakly opened his eyes finding it was darker now, he looked around and saw rock walls, trying to move he found his arms restrained, looking down he saw he was tied up in vines. That you will soon learn to regret And you decided to betray me?! Jacob flinched back as she yelled, this was not going to end well for him, as he looked at her he saw something behind her looking he was the clones heading over to the Tree of Harmony, a smile grew on his face as yet another idea formed.

I'm not the only one who's betraying you! At the moment those five are! Chrysalis growled and turned her head back and saw them, glaring as she walked after them taking him with her. I created you!! Clone Twilight smirked as she shot out her own magical beam pushing back against Chrysalis's, she was winning the fight now. That is until the elements on the tree turned black and white magical tendrils came out of each of the elements, they wrapped around each clone lifting them in the air making the Twilight Clone gasp. Jacob looked on with fear as each clone started wrinkling up, he desperately struggled in fear of the same happening to him, but he couldn't escape and he closed his eyes in fear.

The trees flashed in a bright white glow, when it was over lots of woods colored as the clones fell to the ground, Chrysalis walked over looking down at the pile of wood "servants always fail you in the end, just wait Starlight! I will have my revenge!!! After a few minutes, the real Mane Six walked down to the campsite only to find it destroyed "are you kidding me??

Pinkie laughed before turning to look at the girls "this was the worst day ever! That was when the girls heard something coming from the Tree of Harmony, they slowly went to go investigate and found a copy of Applejack stumbled out from behind the tree, the girls looked at her in shock. I'm not wrinkly either….

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I um…. A hillarious story that needs to be continued! Also good Work. Wow thanks! Well I'm actually considering it if people keep liking it, I was honestly surprised when the people that did like it actually liked it. I was expecting this story to not be so liked but I'm happy that people actually are liking it! She was being truthful before the tree grabbed her so the tree saw she wasn't failing at being the element of honesty.

Well its officially been featured now, guess that means there's something that could be explored with this story premise.

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That was when the girls heard training coming from the Tree of Harmony, they slow ENT to go investigate and found a copy of Applejack stumbled out from behind the tree, the girls looked at her in shock. Sequel when? If anything is wrong with his body or mind because it was made with dark magic and is the antithesis of the Element of Honesty I think it be that he would be a pathological lier can't do much to resist without great effort.

Thanks for giving me a heads up, you see I absolutely suck at typing because I type way to fast, and when I read something I type I don't notice my mistakes because when I read it I'm remembering what I wanted to type so a mess up isn't noticed since I'm unintentionally ignoring it, I'll try to make sure I reread through my stories next time.

Overall good fic, I do hope a sequel is in the works. BUT for the love of the literary God learn the difference between "your" and "you're" or at least double check them, in almost every case you used the wrong one. So unless you have a few hundred billion dollar AI or much cheaper option a proof reader, you're gonna keep making theses mistakes. He had some animated roles that were profitable, if not critically well-received, and there was the "Night At the Museum" series in which he had the supporting role of Theodore Roosevelt; but mostly in the last 15 years of his career, his leading roles fared poorly.

That's super depressing Who knows if there will. As long as the woman isn't appearing again, I don't mind him going there through mlp airport again.


I liked the first part with him waking up as Applejack and I somehow hope he keeps his secret, but as it seems to be tradition, he probably can't keep his mouth shut much longer than the next chapter if he isn't even telling the others in his secret in this chapter. Now this feels somewhat unique again and I'm a bit excited, I only hope that it isn't just doing what other stories do over and over again.

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I can't exactly pin it down to one thing, but I can mention it if I see something wrong. Oh no, he ends the chapter as if he wanted to tell them about his world. Well a nice first chapter. The premise is awesome, but I'm a bit saddened that the story didn't run with the mean 6, or a portion of them. Someone needs to write a story like this, only the human counterpart in the story tells evil Twilight that the tree will not let them use the elements, due to them being opposites, and actually be evil.

Poor clones. They were born slaves. And the tree of harmony killed them for daring to rebel and didn't even try to restrain or stop Chrysalis. I don't think that's why the tree killed them.


I think the tree killed them, because they were no-good nasty people, and perversions of the Mane 6. But I'm a little surprised that the tree didn't just fix the Mean 6: Imagine someone makes a replica of your computer. But the replica is sabotaged, it has a virus on it. However, the replica's anti-virus system removes the virus. Without the virus: The replica is a functional computer, just like the original. I'm a bit surprised the tree didn't just remove Chrysalis' virus, and give the Mean 6 the mortality and hearts of the original Mane 6.

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She looked down at him before growling "Stand up now before I eradicate your existence!

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I'm ready to go…. And the power of the elements! Are we there yet?