Pack Up The Moon

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Pack Up The Moon by Anna McPartlin

But the memory of that night returns to haunt each of them in different and trying ways. She must let go and trust her heart. Pack Up The Moon never directly refers to the poem by W. Auden featuring this line about the death of a loved one. Anyone who suspects this reference however, will be immediately offered a taste of what can be found in this novel — a kind of lamentation for somebody who was so wholly your world that it seems senseless to suggest you could continue without them.

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But that is not all this book is about. It is more particularly focused on the living that does, in fact, remain to be done no matter what, and the joy that can be found with time.

Pack Up the Moon

The whole novel is constructed with a sense of retrospection and nostalgia. At times it felt like reading a memoir, and upon reading the ending I realised this feeling serves as a testament to the writing ability of the author.

The rawest moments of heartfelt emotion are so sincere they cannot but be drawn directly from her own experiences, thus touching the reader on a most basic human level. Readers will know from the outset that John dies — it says so in the synopsis on the back cover — so the challenge that remains for the author is to convey a character whose death the reader will mourn after only a precious few chapters knowing him.

She succeeds.

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Doreen is every wise old neighbour and every second mum in the world all at once, Declan is every cheeky student we have taught, or gone to school with, dated or even been ourselves at some point in our lives. Despite the heart-breaking beginning, the novel as a whole is an uplifting release from the emotions that burden us all. The author translates the reconciliation between emotions into a language which any reader can understand and apply within their own lives. Ultimately this serves to provide a sense of healing, which is perhaps what I liked best about this book.

There is real happiness, real sorrow, drama, disappointment, and hope but above all a sense of learning to live life. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Wystan Hugh Auden (1907-1973)

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With Pack Up the Moon , [Teleky] delivers an eloquent exploration of the demands and limits of friendship and faith that deserves to be his breakthrough book. Pack Up the Moon is an engaging novel.

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Teleky writes carefully and with a restrained understated hand His scenes, poignant as they are, do not mire under the weight of melodrama. Teleky, like all the best novelists, leaves one with that sense of the ultimate mystery of our existence, of how every human being is an impenetrable enigma inhabiting his or her own unique universe.

Richard Teleky, a professor of humanities at York University, lives in Toronto. It also won the prestigious American "Harold Ribalow Prize" for the best novel of the year. National Post.

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