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Joined: Nov 24, Posts: 2, I think I somehow know less after browsing that page. Kiwasi and hippocoder like this. Joined: Aug 16, Posts: Personally my first thought was that Unity was trying to combat UE4's Paragon packs, like free AAA-quality example content to draw newcomers in after all, nobody would use Paragon assets for games to be sold, right? IgnisIncendio , Nov 17, Kiwasi , Nov 17, Socrates likes this. Joined: Jan 20, Posts: 4, Well, will see what is it after December the 13th. Until then I won't judge neither pro nor con.

Lurking-Ninja , Nov 17, Sheds some light. Like, this is a joke, right? Maybe there's some reusability in the audio files I guess but for the same amount of money I could get some decent audio files on their own and then some, or even buy the tools needed to make my own.


Who the hell is this even for? Murgilod , Dec 20, Joined: May 8, Posts: 7, AcidArrow likes this. Joined: Jul 7, Posts: 4, Seriously though where would this thing ever fit in? Even the characters from the robot tech demo were far more versatile than this.

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It looks like some kind of postmodern art statement. Don't get me wrong, it looks cool but there's maybe one game in the universe where it wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. Billy , Dec 21, Kiwasi , Dec 21, Joined: May 20, Posts: 5, AcidArrow , Dec 21, Murgilod likes this. Joined: Mar 29, Posts: Socrates , Dec 21, I'm pretty much a Unity whale. My body weight is way over pounds The other one?

Oh yes, sorry. And not necessarily because I'm planning to use these assets, but because I think it's cool to support the developers who do a great job.

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But I do not consider buying this and because this is a concrete game, it's not usable outside of it. Don't get me wrong, HZD is probably a great game, it looks good on the videos - I don't buy a console just to play it though, but I don't buy a console for anything Maybe some parts would be reusable, but the majority what we saw up until now is awfully specific. And I wouldn't support a starving developer with my money.. Lurking-Ninja , Dec 21, Murgilod , Dec 21, I have Pro. I just got an email to redeem this asset pack.

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The Icon thing needs to change though, the wording is foolish and counter productive for SEO. I just redeemed my pack. Second import into fresh project is currently running , hope for better luck this time Flurgle , Kiwasi and Antypodish like this. Joined: Sep 30, Posts: Joined: Jan 13, Posts: 6, Teila , Dec 23, IsDon , thunderdawn , SanchoP and 2 others like this. I finally took a good look at partially because it is smeared all over the site and store. And really, not that good.

Should have contracted an art director instead.

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Joined: Dec 22, Posts: 2, Free characters, asset store. Some environment assets is good. But you can buy packs way better for the same price, and at larger quantities, and then kitbash the hellaut of them. This one isn't that great for that. Idk lol, why?

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Just, don't. Go make your own ones, those will suck infinitely. It feels like a cash grab. It smells like a cash grab. It is made for the people who doesn't understand how to make games at all. Yeah, it is a cash grab. And it has deciving name on top of it. Joined: May 23, Posts: Kudos to artists!! Joined: Nov 1, Posts: This stanza gives an account of the gods Odin , Hoenir , and Lodurr bringing the first two humans, Ask and Embla , to life.

However, this stanza is rather confused.

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Some scholars have tried to identify Lodurr with Loki or Freyr , but the proposed connections are spurious and utterly unconvincing. The identification with Freyr is the more abjectly ridiculous of the two suggestions.

It then leaps to identify Lodurr with Freyr on this basis alone, regardless of the sheer number of other Norse gods who have much to do with fertility and sensuality. The superficial similarities between the names of Lodurr and Loki are just that: superficial.

But anything else one might say about him is speculative at best.