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He then turned his attention to the benefits gained when a prolonged period of sitting is interrupted by short bouts of light physical activity. Even a simple change in posture standing upright can bring functional benefits, Dunstan suggested. He reminded everyone of the daunting realities currently facing people with T2D.

One third of patients with T2D don't undertake any form of physical activity. Targeting sitting should be part and parcel of any future public health strategy. Slogans confined to "be more physically active" are not working. We need to change tactics and "take two shots at the target: sit less and move more," Dunstan concluded.

He quickly made two interesting observations. First, he said, "You get the first 8 hours of sitting for free"; that is, there is no detrimental effect on health.

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We also know that the average sitting time reported by most people is hours per day. Thus, Gill deduced that urging the public to sit less is unnecessary because such a call would be irrelevant to most people. Second, existing evidence incriminating sedentary behavior has come largely from studies of TV viewing. Prolonged TV viewing is a recognized risk factor for obesity and metabolic diseases related to associated confounding factors eg, snacking while watching TV.

Sitting in itself is otherwise benign, Gill argued. He then pointed out the difficulty of implementing strategies that target sitting. Moreover, any harms associated with prolonged sitting can be easily reversed by being sufficiently active at other parts of the day. The impact of sitting 1 hour less is apparently equivalent in health benefits to that of walking for 2. Gill asked the audience which of these two acts they would rather undertake.

The Very Hungry Bum (Hardcover)

Likewise, the relative risk of developing T2D with each additional hour of sitting can be readily eliminated by an additional minute of leisure-time physical activity. Public health interventions targeting sedentary behavior have yielded only modest reductions 37 minutes in total sitting time per day. The change was even less pronounced if the public message was coupled with a "sit less" component, he said. In contrast, the benefits of being more physically active are substantial and are easily attainable. He shared findings from recent trials conducted with his colleagues in Europe that demonstrated how an extra 6 minutes per day of measured, light physical activity eg, stepping substantially improved the physical, hemodynamic, and metabolic well-being of study participants.

The study also showed a significant correlation between stepping action and cardiometabolic risk score. Ultimately, a simple and focused message of "move more and more often" is sufficient and convenient, said Gill, adding that a "sit less" option is unwarranted, unnecessary, and would only confuse the public. Enter prices below and click 'Add'. You will receive an alert when the book is available for less than the new or used price you specify.

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