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Make sure to complete all of the ticket fields as thoroughly as possible to verify ownership of the account. Please check your internet connection and try again.

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When a server crashes, it may prevent you from logging in or logging in with the specific character that was on the server when it crashed. You can sometimes log in with a character on a different map to continue playing, or you can wait a few minutes to access the character you were playing when you experienced the error code.

If you have an active game account, please try again. Make sure you enter a valid character or account name when searching for another player in the game. If using the Display Name of their ArenaNet account, make sure you include the numbers appended at the end of the name i. John Doe. To bypass the error, you will need to wait at least ten minutes or a few hours if you continue to receive an error before trying to log in again.

Have more questions? Submit a request. While the first number represents the general error that occurred, the rest of the code is useful for the ArenaNet team as they diagnose the source of the problem: error code : product : module : line : program To begin troubleshooting the problem, use the first number of the error code to reference the list of codes and their recommended solutions below. Make sure your computer's time and date are set correctly, then try again.

Error Code List Here is a list of error codes you may encounter in the game.

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Error Code 5 Error Message "Guild Wars was unable to connect to the game server due to a network or server error. In the event of a widespread problem, it can also indicate a server network issue. How do I fix an Error 5? You can also follow these troubleshooting steps if you experience issues while playing on a stable connection: Reset your router and modem.

Code Variants You may receive one of several Error 5 codes if you're experiencing a network issue. Please include the full error code if you decide to contact support about the problem: Error Message "The game client lost its connection to the server.

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How do I fix an Error 7? You can also follow these troubleshooting steps if you experience issues while playing on a stable connection: Completely exit the game and close the client. Code Variants Several Error 7 code variants can appear when you disconnect from the game. Error Message "The account name or password you entered is invalid. How do I fix an Error 11?

There are a few things to check if you're receiving an Error Your password is case-sensitive, meaning that all capital and lowercase letters must match the password on file for the account. In the Account Name field, ensure your email address is typed correctly. Then select, copy, and paste the password straight into the 'Password' field on the login screen.

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Un-check the 'Remember Account Name' box and re-launch the client. In the blank fields, re-enter your account name your email address and password. Code Variants You may receive one of several Error 11 codes if you are having trouble accessing your account. Error Message "The game client is unable to gain access to the log-in server at this time. How do I fix an Error 19? Code Variants Error Message "The server was unable to authenticate your gameplay privileges.

How do I fix an Error 21? We ask that you include the full error code when submitting a ticket to our support team: How do I fix an Error 27? How do I fix an Error 29? Code Variants Like other error codes, there are variants of the code that will appear depending on your specific circumstance: Error Message " Inappropriate name. How do I fix an Error 31? Error Message "Disconnected.

How do I fix an Error 35? How do I fix an Error 42? While you're waiting, there are a few steps you can take to try and troubleshoot the issue: Completely exit the game and close the client. If you're using a wireless router, unplug the cable that runs from your modem to the router and use it to plug your computer straight into the modem. Reboot your computer and try connecting again. If you are able to connect successfully, the problem may be caused by your router.

Code Variants While there are several Error 42 code variants that can show up when experiencing connectivity issues, all of them represent the same root issue. Error Message "You have already created the maximum number of characters for this account. How do I fix an Error 43? Error Message "Your Guild Wars 2 account has been suspended The account may have been flagged for using a third-party program to cheat or gain an advantage in the game. In some cases, the account is banned due to a verified hacking attempt. If we detect that your account has been compromised, we will try to ban it as quickly as possible to prevent any tampering with your characters, inventory, or progress.

How do I fix an Error 45? How do I fix an Error 48? Enter your login information and hit 'Log In. Code Variants Like other error codes, there are variants of the code that will appear depending on your specific circumstance. Error Message "Guild Wars was unable to complete the operation permission denied. How do I fix an Error 49? Error Message "The game client was unable to connect to the log-in server.

How do I fix an Error 58? The first steps are to check and reset any programs that might be blocking your client's connection to the login servers: Reboot your PC. Error Message "You must verify your e-mail address before playing the game. How do I fix an Error 67? Error Message "The access key you have entered has been disabled. There are a few reasons you might receive this error: If the account was created using a temporary promotional key. The key was purchased from an unauthorized seller.

This issue should be resolved with the newest version of conda. Currently it is released to the conda-canary channel. You can get it by running a conda update conda -c conda-canary.

When is the release date for the new conda Should I switch back to the main channel next time after getting update from conda-canary? We may include one further small bug fix and release 4. So I did conda update conda -c conda-canary. The updates to conda to "make it faster" have now created issues on the above machine running Linux and my laptop running Windows. That issue is fixed in and will be released in 4. Dr-Irv 4. It will be on defaults after we can establish that it hasn't broken anything unexpected.

An environment that was good with previous versions of conda shouldn't be having dependency issues now.

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Dr-Irv please open a separate issue and supply all information requested by the template. The only issue is that when you install that version of jupyterlab, it upgrades conda to the buggy 4. So then you have to downgrade it again until they handle the issue I reported in Downgrade conda see here I'm not sure what consensus there can be, because there are a lot of different issues, but we've tried to fix a lot of bugs in the 4.

It'll probably be released tomorrow on defaults.

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UnsatisfiableErrors are not intrinsically bugs. They tell you when your specs can't be met. The reason why many people saw these when they shouldn't is because of the freezing behavior that was added to speed things up. We still try the frozen solve first, but we fall back to the behavior of 4. There were some bugs in this fallback behavior leading to completely empty UnsatisfiableError messages. Those are fixed in 4. A lot of people have reported bugs on conda where they want old packages.

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Conda 4. A lot of errors have been because of libarchive. On windows, these are generally because the user is not activating their environment many CI users hard-code PATH entries instead. There is a new build of python-libarchive-c that helps make sure libarchive gets loaded correctly. Build number On linux and mac, libarchive errors are likely because an older, incompatible build of libarchive is being installed. We have removed the one known-bad version of libarchive If you get stuff from elsewhere, such as conda-forge, that might be your problem.

A lot of people have also seen a situation where conda-package-handling gets removed somehow when conda does an update. We haven't been able to reproduce it, but we're watching for it.